About Me

I'm a 36 year old mother from Southern California but living in Southern Utah.  I have a 13 year old son from my first marriage and I have 4 step kids (ranging in age from 23 to 18).  My husband, James, and I have two sons together, Asher who is 3 and Connor who was born May 19, 2011.  Over a year ago I started baking and decorating cakes for the fun of it.  I really enjoy baking sweets.  I've decided to try my hand at cooking and baking the savory treats as well as the sweet ones.  I hope it works out well!


  1. I have more family secrets receipts, want them?? Love your new site!

  2. Of course mom! Send them over. Don't worry, the spaghetti will be making an appearance really soon :)